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We have a vision for future growth and through the means of excellence.

That the right of privilege has become a new idea of ​​the work of the new century, and thus there are many issues to consider, tests to be taken and questions to answer.

The Arab world has become more receptive to the idea of ​​excellence when it comes to the food industry.

It is vital to understand the success mirrors in general unless you have it.

The original Bran Basket is particularly unique:

  •  Consultations regarding the location and suitability of the premises and developments in a manner consistent with local patterns.
  •  Full training of staff,
  • Detailed training manuals for all administrative departments as well as operating manuals.
  • Specifications of the basement and the guidelines for the buildings including the furnishings: interior design – decoration: designs
  • Technical and advertising boards.
  •  Providing advice and consultation regarding the installation of equipment according to the specifications and conditions of the owner of the stamp and the engineering drawings
  • Provide advice on the initial advertising campaign related to the opening of the main base branch such as advertising materials and technical works
  • It is considered suitable by the owner and followed by a detailed marketing plan.
  •  Supply of raw materials at the lowest prices and best varieties.

Bran Basket Bakery is proud to offer one of the most prestigious franchise programs in the region. Our goal is to invest in post-stimulus through good coordination in planning and pre-stimulus phase. A training program is designed specifically for potential franchisees to meet their needs for effective operational management. We train the branch manager with full effort for 12 weeks to increase his skill and knowledge of this daily management requirement for the new branch including a certain period of simulating the owner, while operating the branch. The Bran Basket provides support through its international team, which covers all matters related to the administration such as operation, marketing. capital and financial advice. All engineers and architects provide full assistance in design, planning and interior fittings to complete your new branch. Bran Basket’s original concept of finery with years of experience provides opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to participate. In the company of the original Bran Basket company for finery and its value through the international franchise system.

good food. good feelings.

life is too short for average food!



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